Taki confirmed to be playable in Soul Calibur 6

A brand new trailer for Soul Calibur 6 confirms that Taki will be playable.

The demon-hunter is a popular part of the Soul Calibur franchise and is a welcome addition to Soul Calibur 6.

Taki has appeared in every Soul Calibur except Soul Calibur V. Fans will be pleased to see Taki back in Soul Calibur 6.

Taki Soul Calibur 6


Taki joins a growing roster which includes Siegfried, Kilik and Geralt.

Thanks to Amazon Italy, it was recently revealed that Soul Calibur 6 may be released in September this year. There has been no official confirmation as yet, so the date is merely speculation at this stage.

It’s also been confirmed that BAM 10 in Melbourne will host the first public hands-on session with Soul Calibur 6 in Australia.

Bandai Namco will be at the event with 14 Soul Calibur 6 stations for fans to try the game.

The Witcher’s Geralt is the first guest character announced for Soul Calibur 6 and Taki joins him and the following other confirmed fighters;

◦ Grøh

◦ Ivy

◦ Kilik

◦ Mitsurugi

◦ Nightmare

◦ Siegfried

◦ Sophitia

◦ Xianghua

◦ Zasalamel

Soul Calibur 6 is looking promising.

Let’s hope it’s been worth the wait.

Who else do you want to see in Soul Calibur 6?

[Source – Avoiding the Puddle]

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