Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk rated R 18+ in Australia for ‘Sexual activity related to incentives and rewards’

NIS and Bandai Namco are bringing the dungeon crawling Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk to the west. If you’re a younger player, you might be unable to play, especially in Australia where Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk is rated R 18+.

The Classification Board’s decision to rate Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk so highly seems to come down tot he game’s depiction of sex and how players are incentivised to perform sexual activity.

Just what this involves is unclear at this stage, though it seems a bit odd, considering the nature of the game.

Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk Rated R 18+

From the looks of things,  Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk is a dungeon crawling RPG similar to Etrian Odyssey

Players take part in conversations with NPCs as well as exploring dungeons in first-person and taking part in turn-based battles. As it has an anime aesthetic there is obviously plenty of fanservice on display, however, it’s still unclear how sexual activity plays a part.

The Classification Board is well known for taking a dim view of anything sexual being related to an incentive, so it may be that players enter into romances with party members in order to gain bonuses or something of that nature. 

The fact that it’s rated R 18+ is definitely a bummer for any JRPG fans under 18 and it significantly reduces the potential audience and sales for  Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk.

According to NIS, the game is described;

In a seemingly peaceful little town, darkness and intrigue brew beneath the surface. Join Dusk Witch Dronya and her brigade of puppet soldiers as they explore a miasma-filled labyrinth.

With the aid of the living book, the Tractatus de Monstrum, what will she and her coven discover? And what dangers lurk amidst the poisonous air that fills the unending maze?

Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk was originally released in Japan in 2016 for PS Vita and 2017 for PS4. It will be released in 2018 on PC, PS4 and Switch for western audiences, however, no release date has been announced.

With the Australia Classification Board giving its rating, it may be that Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk is coming sooner rather than later. Albeit with an R 18+ rating.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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