New video reveals Dolmen details regarding the protagonist and the Zoan ship

With only two weeks left of the Kickstarter, Massive Work Studio is releasing more Dolmen details in order to engage the community and get the project over the line.

Dolmen is a Souldborne inspired title Action-RPG with a sci-fi theme and lots of ‘cosmic horror.’ While Dolmen is set on a forgotten planet — Revion Prime — and features more sci-fi tropes than you can poke a stick at, the real heart of Dolmen is the Lovecraftian plot. 

Players will need to unlock the hidden secrets of the universe in order to save it and survive. 

In this latest update from Massive Work Studio, fans are introduced to the Zoan Ship and the protagonist. The Zoan Ship is where the journey in Dolmen begins. It’s also the one place in the game with some sense of normalcy.

Dolmen Details – Zoan Ship

The Zoan Ship is the player’s life raft on Revion Prime. It’s where players can return to escape the harshness of the planet and also where they can store excess items. 

While exploring Revion Prime, if you collect resources and don’t store them on the Zoan Ship, they could be lost forever. Massive Work Studio knew when developing Dolmen that it would need to make the Zoan Ship a special place, one that players can call home.

Onboard the Zoan Ship is a huge command room and workstation that allows players to craft and modify all manner of weapons and armour. The Zoan Ship also includes a kitchen, one small space to connect players to home.

Dolmen Protagonist

Massive Work Studio didn’t just put effort into the Zoan Ship. It knew when designing the protagonist that it would need to make sure that the suit made sense and was functional. 

All suits crafted in the game have a specific attribute that comes from the dead creature used to craft it. Everything scavenged in Dolmen is used for something, be it crafting, upgrades and more.

Manoeuvrability is key for Dolmen’s protagonist and each suit is crafted to maximise it. You need all the movement you can get when you’re fighting giant, nightmarish creatures from another world.  

Both the protagonist and the Zoan ship are important Dolmen details that Massive Work Studios is keen to show fans. As the Kickstarter project continues, the studio will be revealing more behind the scenes looks.

Dolmen Kickstarter


Dolmen is a promising looking entry in the Soulsborne genre and seems to add a new twist. Ranged combat has been added, but instead of dealing damage, it applies debuffs to enemies.

Each and every creature has certain strengths and weaknesses that can be taken advantage of if you have the right weaponry. Firing ranged weapons requires players to activate Energy Mode. Not only does Energy Mode allow players to fire ranged weapons, it powers up melee weapons.

Energy can also be used to recover some health, but Energy isn’t self-generating, so it must be managed carefully.

The Dolmen Kickstarter campaign has 12 days remaining and has so far raised $44,128 AUD of its $118,801 AUD goal.

If funded, Dolmen will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. A Nintendo Switch version is a stretch goal.

You can check out the Kickstarter here and follow Dolmen on Twitter. Check out the Zoan Ship and Protagonist video below.

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