God of War Collectibles Guide – Midgard

In God of War, players will be able to spend a considerable amount of time finding and collecting all manner of items, objects and more. With our God of War Collectibles Guide, you can keep track of what you need to find.

This God of War Collectibles Guide focuses on Midgard and the collectibles you’ll find there. 

There are 10 different Collectibles/Items to keep track of and you can find them below.

God of War Collectibles Guide – Midgard

The collectibles you can find in Midgard include the following;

  • Favours (Side-Quests)
  • Artefacts
  • Mystic Gateways
  • Shops
  • Lore Markers
  • Odin’s Ravens
  • Valkyries
  • Nornir Chests
  • Legendary Chests
  • Realm Tears

Favours are side-quests that are given by Brok, Sindri and Wayward Spirits. They’re usually pretty straightforward and once you are given them, the location of the side-quest is added to the world map.

In Midgard, there are 12 Favours that can be completed.

God of Horde

Artefacts are special collections of objects that are found scattered throughout the world. In Midgard there 34 Artefacts to find. The first four are located around Kratos’ home and are Atreus’ toys. 

Mystic Gateways are God of War’s fast travel system and there are 30 of them in Midgard. You’ll unlock the ability to use Mystic Gateways early-on in the game. They are the stacked rock piles you’ll see scattered around the world and are usually located near other points of interest.

Once you have the ability to use them, the Mystic Gateways glow with light.

Shops are where you can upgrade and craft weapons and armour. They are manned (or is that dwarved?) by either Brok, Sindri or both and they are located at most hub locations. There are 13 of them located in Midgard. 

Lore Markers are where you’ll learn more about Norse mythology and the stories that inspired God of War. Many of them require you to use Atreus’ Light Arrows to activate. There are 37 of these located in Midgard and you’ll find them on paths and near chests and other points of interest. 

Gotta Collect Them All

Scattered throughout the Realms are dozens or Odin’s Ravens. These are his eyes throughout the world and if you don’t want him spying on you, you’re best served by murdering them. 

Odin’s Ravens are brightly coloured and easy to spot. They’re usually perched up above your paths or flying above with a good vantage point. There are 43 of Odin’s Ravens in Midgard and finding them all is going to be tough. Keep an ear out for their telltale noise to help find them.

The Valkyries are legendary Norse warriors, but in God of War they’ve become corrupted. To set them free, you’ll need to murder them, obviously. There are 4 Valkyries in Midgard and they are located within the Hidden Chambers of Odin.

Fighting and defeating the Valkyries will take everything you have and you’re best waiting until you have the best armour and weapons. Valkyries are not unlocked until you’ve completed the story.

Nornir and Legendary Chests are pretty self-explanatory. They’re chests that contain the best loot to help you in your journey. There are 17 Nornir chests and 26 Legendary chests in Midgard. 

Finally, Realm Tear Encounters are really tough fights that take place once you locate a Realm Tear. You’re best to wait until you have levelled up and are equipped with Legendary armour before taking on Realm Tears. There are 9 on them in Midgard.

There you have it. Our God of War Collectibles Guide for Midgard. 

I didn’t want to show you where or how to find each of these collectibles. While you explore, Kratos and Atreus have numerous conversations and the story unfolds through these. If you were following a guide to each location, you’d miss out on all the extra dialogue and care that Santa Monica Studios put into the game. 

Trust me, it’s worth doing on your own.

God of War is available now.

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