God of War Guide – What are Labours, how to complete them?

In God of War, instead of collecting red orbs, Kratos earns XP by defeating enemies and completing activities. Finishing chapters and sub-objectives grants lots of XP, while defeating enemies grants a little. There is another way to earn lots of XP though, the God of War Labours?

As you play through God of War, you’ll see a notice pop-up fairly regularly, alerting you to a new Labour. So what are Labours? Simply put, they’re in-game objectives that grant Kratos lots of easy to earn XP.

Labours are split into four categories; World, Crafting, Skill and Kill. You unlock each Labour when you perform the related activities for the first time.

God of War Labours

Most God of War Labours require players to complete a certain action a number of times, though a few require just one action. The Skill and Kill Labours all focus on defeating a certain number of each enemy and killing them in specific ways. 

For example, the Draugr’s Demise Labour offers three XP rewards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. For killing 100 Draugr, you complete the Bronze reward and earn 250 XP, 200 for Silver and 750 XP and 400 for Gold and 3500 XP.

Draugr, being one of the most plentiful enemies in the game, require a lot more kills. Less common enemies, like Travellers and Wolves, require much fewer. To earn Gold for killing Travellers, you only need to kill 15 and for Wolves, Gold only requires 45 kills.

Each common enemy has a Labour and each has three tiers to be completed. Skill Labours also have three tiers with the same XP rewards; 250, 750 and 3500.

Skill Labours require players to Kill enemies in specific ways. For example, the Shatterer Labour requires enemies be killed while frozen. The Touch of Death Labour requires enemies to be grabbed while stunned and Against the Wall requires enemies to be pinned to the Wall by Kratos’ axe.

Crafting and World Labours

Crafting Labours relate to crafting and upgrading weapons and armour. To do so, you’ll need to collect resources in the world and then go to Brok or Sindri’s shops located throughout the world. 

To upgrade the Leviathan Axe, you’ll need to find Frozen Flames. These are earned after some boss fights and so you’ll only be able to upgrade the Axe at specific times throughout the game. 

Each time you defeat strong enemies you’ll find and earn special resources which are used to craft the best and strongest armour in the game. As you do so, you’ll earn extra XP from completing the Labours.

Finally, World Labours are completed by performing activities throughout the game world. These include;

  • Closing Realm Tears
  • Killing Odin’s Ravens
  • Lighting the Braziers at the Lake of Nine
  • Freeing the Dragons
  • Finding and Opening all Hidden Chambers
  • Finding all Jotnar Shrines

As you complete these activities in the world, you’ll be rewarded with XP which you can use to upgrade your skills and enhance your Runic attacks.

There are a huge number of God of War Labours to complete, and completionists will definitely want to go after all of them.

God of War is available now on PS4.

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