Insomniac – The most important thing about Spider-man is ‘Traversal’

Spider-man PS4 is looking better and better, every time we hear something about it. It truly looks like a game that will make players feel like Spider-man.

Insomniac’s Creative Director on Spider-man Bryan Intihar has said that the most important thing for a Spider-man game is traversal. Since traversing New York is one of Spider-man’s main activities, it’s obviously important that it feels right. 

Intihar claims that “As much as we want traversal to feel exhilarating when you get really good at the game it almost feels calming.” He says that he will often play the game’s current build during downtime, just to traverse New York.

Web-slinging like Spider-man

In Spider-man, the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger has already been fighting crime for eight years. As such, he’s already quite experienced and so Insomniac has cleverly worked to make player’s feel superpowered.

If, and when, players goof up during web-slinging, instead of falling into a heap on the ground, Spider-man will instead gracefully perform a perfect parkour transition or wall-run. 

“He’s a much more experienced Spider-man,” Intihar explains. “He’s been doing it for eight years, and we really want players to feel that.

“Obviously he’s Spider-man: he’s acrobatic, he’s using webs. We want you to feel like you’re fast and furious. You’re ping-ponging around the environment, you’re jumping up, you’re leaping down.”

Looking to the Bat

A superhero game will always be judged on whether or not it makes the player feel like the titular hero. Rocksteady certainly achieved this with the Batman: Arkham games and Insomniac has looked to the UK developer for inspiration. 

Intihar talks about Rocksteady only in positive terms. “People ask, do you find them, competitors? No! They inspire! Those games inspire us. I look at those games but I don’t look at specific features.

“I look at the quality, not to mention fulfilling the fantasy of being Batman. Our goals are to make sure people say our game is on their quality level.”

Spider-man is coming exclusively to PS4 on September 7, 2018.


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