NBA Playgrounds 2 has been revealed by the Australian Classification Board

NBA Playgrounds was a surprise hit when it was released last year. A nostalgia-fuelled journey back to the days of NBA JAM, it was a lot of fun and is worthy of a sequel. Thankfully, NBA Playgrounds 2 has been revealed by the Australian Classification Board.

At this stage, nothing is known about the sequel, however, it’s been given a G rating and includes General Online Activity.

Based on the first title, we can take educated guesses as to what’s coming in NBA Playgrounds 2.

NBA Playgrounds 2 We Be Jammin’

Based on the original, it’s pretty clear that NBA Playgrounds 2 will feature the same arcade style, basketball gameplay. It will most likely also feature the same big-headed caricatures of real-life NBA players.

Given that it includes “General Online Interactivity” we can be certain that NBA Playgrounds will include an online, competitive mode. 

In my review of NBA Playgrounds I wrote that “The best fun I had playing NBA Playgrounds was sitting there with a mate playing together. The old couch co-op had us laughing and really getting into it.

“When you nail the alley-oops and combo dunks it’s rather fulfilling. The memories kept flowing back of NBA jam after school with friends.”

The first game was a lot of fun, but wasn’t without its issues. Here’s hoping NBA Playgrounds 2 improves upon the original’s excellent base. 

We’ve reached out to developer Saber Interactive for comment.

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