Report – Here is a bunch of rumoured PlayStation 5 information including Architecture, Price and Launch Date

There have been rumours lately about the PlayStation 5, when it will be released, how powerful it will be and what games it will play. In a new video, Julien Chièze (ex-Gameblog journalist) lists an enormous amount of information from anonymous sources. 

While the information he provides is in French, thanks to Resetera’s keen eyes, we’ve got translations for the key points.

Most of the information seems pretty generic and highly likely, so none of it is revelatory, however, if true, all of the information would be great for the PlayStation 5 to include.

PlayStation 5 Rumours

Chièze’s video doesn’t list any sources as they’re anonymous, so take the following with a grain of salt. 

According to Chièze, Sony hasn’t quite finished its technical roadmap for the PS5, but it has been clear that its base level will be 4K and 60fps. Sony has also told developers that when creating games for PS5 that visual fidelity and AI can be pushed to the limit because the PS5 will be able to process it.

Further to that, Chièze’s sources claim that there are already a number of games in development for PS5 and that they’ll be ready in time for launch. Games developed for PS5 will be able to take advantage of an optimised Unreal Engine, however, the visual upgrade from PS4 Pro to PS5 won’t be a quantum leap.

Because of this, the price of the PS5 should be kept down and it will include Backwards Compatibility. Anonymous developers have apparently told Chièze that Backwards Compatibility is guaranteed for PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Rumours – Games

The games that are rumoured to currently be in development for PlayStation 5 have been given an 18-month window to be ready for launch. This coincides with the rumoured launch in 2020.

The launch window of 2020 is apparently not hard and fast, but according to Chièze, it’s likely to launch for Holiday 2019, early 2020. Sony is also retaining VR for PS5 and it will be part of the core console. 

A new PSVR headset and new controllers will launch alongside the PS5 to make sure that PSVR remains relevant. 

Finally, Chièze believes that high-profile games coming to PlayStation 4 will also be released for PlayStation 5 in an optimised form.

As always, these PlayStation 5 rumours are unconfirmed and come from anonymous sources so they’re veracity is debatable. All of the information seems expected at this point and as mentioned, if true, it’ll be nice confirmation, but not a revelation. 

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