Here’s all of the Spider-Man Gameplay details we know so far

Game Informer’s month of Spider-Man coverage is underway. That means, we have finally gotten some Spider-Man gameplay details and we’re sharing them with you.

All of these Spider-Man gameplay details come from the Game Informer articles and the hands-on time its staff hand with the game. While we’re incredibly jealous, we’re happy to report that so far it sounds incredible. 

Most tellingly, is one quote from Game Informer about Spider-Man which reads;

I walked away from Spider-Man with one word in mind: Amazing. Insomniac is poised to do for Spider-Man what Rocksteady did for Batman.

I only experienced a small part of what will be in the final product, but what I played is exactly what I want from a Spider-Man game.

Surely that is enough to get the blood pumping.

Spider-Man Gameplay Details

Spider-Man is an open-world game. This we already knew, but what we have learned is that the world is much larger than the one found in Sunset Overdrive. It’s also packed, both in terms of visuals and gameplay.

The city feels alive and features a huge number of NPCs and people going about their daily life. Game Informer notes that even as you move through the city, the detail and fidelity doesn’t fade. From a distance, the city is still as full as it is when you’re up close.

Because this is a Spider-Man game, players are able to have some fun with the citizens too. You’ll be able to interact with NPCs, have a chat with them, take selfies and pull silly poses. Examples include high fives and finger guns.

The city is also definitely contained within the Marvel universe. Game Informer mentioned both the Avenger’s Building and Wakandan Embassy.

How Does it Feel to be a Spider-Man?

Everything about this iteration of Spider-Man sounds like it has been designed with speed in mind. Combat is fluid and sees Spider-Man pounce from enemy to enemy, taking them out as he goes.

The combat in Spider-Man is also all about player choice. Spider-Man has a dazzling array of weapons and abilities in his arsenal so players will be able to use webbing and special items, battle with gadgets, fight them in mid-air and even perform finishing moves. 

Spidey isn’t a killer, so I wouldn’t be expecting anything too brutal.

The Gadgets that Game Informer has seen so far include the Tripwire seen in the videos, a web bomb that can take out groups of enemies and the Spider-Drone which shoots its own web.

And what would the combat be if controlling Spider-Man wasn’t perfect? Players can hold X to send out a web that allows Spider-Man to quickly travel between buildings and change directions. Game Informer calls it a ‘zip-web.’

L3 is used to dive and gain momentum and R3 is for scanning the environment. Like the combat, moving as Spider-Man is fluid, fast and responsive. Just like it should be.

What Else Ya Got?

There’s still plenty more Spider-Man gameplay details too. 

Spider-Man’s suits will be unlockable and you’ll start with the traditional suit. Creative Director Brian Intihar has also said “Hell no!” to the notion of microtransactions.

The white spider on the suit wasn’t given an explanation by Game Informer, but details about the blue and red sections were forthcoming. The red sections are designed to provide added protection and act like armour for areas where Spider-Man will be more likely damaged.

The blue sections are designed to enhance movement and allow easier and faster traversal of the city. There were silhouettes for at least a dozen suits in the demo Game Informer played, but there will likely be more in the final game.

It was also noted that certain suits will most likely have their own special abilities. 

Spider-Man will level up as the game is played and will earn experience from completing activities, combat and exploration. Upgrades can be applied to his abilities including traversal which will make him swing faster and launch further.

Crackin’ Wise

In Spider-Man, it’s not just the titular hero that players will get to control. There are sections of the game in which Peter Parker is the star of the show. 

These sections have been described as reminiscent of the quieter moments in Uncharted. He can walk around the environment, talk to NPCs, explore and interact with objects. 

As for the setting, in the game, Peter Parker and Mary-Jane are not together. The opening sequence sees players having to take down Kingpin and we also get to see Peter’s apartment. 

On the wall, there are a number of Daily Bugle clippings featuring Spider-Man. Notably, Electro, Vulture, Rhino and Scorpion can be seen, though whether they appear in the game is yet to be seen.

All over New York are side quests and activities for players to complete. These include;

  • Collecting hidden supply backpacks
  • Defusing Taskmaster’s bombs
  • Clearing out Kingpin Outposts
  • Stopping random crimes
  • Taking photos of cat statues placed by Black Cat

Completing side missions also grants players crafting components which can be used to craft consumables and items.

Friendly Neighbourhood…


Finally, we have some details on the DLC, “The City that Never Sleeps.” Insomniac has told Game Informer it’s committed to keeping players engaged and invested in Spider-Man even after the main story is complete.

Each of the three chapters in “The City that Never Sleeps” will focus on a different villain and will include new missions, new challenges and new suits. We also know that the first of the three chapters is called “The Heist” and that it will feature Black Cat.

Aside from that, nothing else is known about what these DLC chapters will be like.

For now, that’s all the Spider-Man gameplay details we have, but so far it sounds like an amazing time. 

Spider-Man will launch exclusively for PS4 on September 7, 2018. 


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