Code Vein rated MA15+ in Australia for Violence and Sex

Bandai Namco’s upcoming Action-RPG Code Vein has been rated MA15+ in Australia. It does not yet have a release date so having Code Vein rated in Australia suggests that a release date may be coming sooner rather than later.

Code Vein was unveiled in Apil 2017 and is inspired by Dark Souls. Set in a dystopian world, with vampiric themes and anime-inspired visuals, Code Vein looks to be a surprisingly strong entrant in the Souls-clone genre.

Code Vein Rated in Australia

Since it’s unveiling in April, Banda Nacmo has remained tight-lipped about when we can expect to play Code Vein. At the time of writing the only release date information available is that Code Vein will be released in 2018.

With Code Vein rated in Australia, we may get to play it soon. Rated on March 26, Code Vein was given an MA15+ rating noting strong impact Violence, moderate impact Themes and mild impact sex.

Given the subject matter and gameplay we’ve seen thus far, these ratings aren’t unexpected.

Code Vein is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One from the development team behind the God Eater series.

Director Hiroshi Yoshimura told VG24/7 that Code Vein is a “Dark Souls-ish, dungeon action RPG.”

Because I’m the creator of God Eater, there’s a lot of character behind the story and drama behind the story, too. We do have that unique flavor of narrative in there, so we wanted to feature that within the dungeon action RPG genre.

He did note that Code Vein separates itself from Dark Souls through the vampiric gifts granted through drinking blood. Players can speed themselves up, block enemy attacks and change the combat in unexpected ways. 

While similar to Dark Souls, Yoshimura believes Code Vein will be able to stand apart.

With Code Vein rated in Australia, let’s hope a release date is soon.

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