Far Cry 5 Guide – How many missions are in the game?

Far Cry 5 is finally here. It’s another massive, open-world game, filled to the brim with things to do and places to go. But in Far Cry 5, how many missions are there?


Let’s take a look.

Far Cry 5 How Many Missions?

In Far Cry 5, Hope County is divided into three regions; one for each of Joseph Seed’s heralds. John Seed controls Holland Valley, Faith controls Henbane River and Jacob controls Whitetail Mountains.

Each of these regions includes a number of outposts to be liberated, prepper stashes to be found, side and story missions to be completed and animals to be hunted.

Each region also has three specialists that can be recruited to be a Gun For Hire or a Fang For Hire. As Far Cry 5 can be played however you like and missions can be tackled however you like, there’s no set way to play. But it’s nice to know just how much game there is before you reach the end.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty.

As you complete missions, destroy cult property, free civilians etc, you’ll earn resistance points within that region. Once you fill the resistance meter, you’ll be able to force a confrontation with that region’s herald and move one step closer to defeating Joseph.

Whitetail Mountains

The northern section of Hope County is run by Jacob Seed and is a mountainous region home to the Whitetail rebels. 

There are a total of 41 missions in the Whitetail Mountains. This includes story and side missions and prepper stashes. There are also four cult outposts to be liberated and 10 pieces of cult property to be destroyed.

The Whitetail Mountains are also home to Cheeseburger the grizzly bear, Jess Black and Hurk Drubman Jnr. 

Cheeseburger is the Whitetail Mountains’ Fang For Hire, Jess Black is a stealthy hunter Gun for Hire and Hurk Drubman Jnr is a reckless, redneck who loves rockets and destruction.

Henbane River

The Henbane River is the south-east section of Hope County and is run by Faith Seed and her devoted Bliss addicted followers.

There are 43 missions to be completed in Henbane River including story and side missions and prepper stashes. There are eight outposts to be liberated and 16 pieces of cult properties to be destroyed.

Henbane River is also where you’ll unlock Peaches the Cougar, Sharky Boshaw and Adelaide Drubman.

Peaches is a stealthy Fang for Hire, Sharky is a pyromaniac and Adelaide is an ace helicopter pilot.

Holland Valley

Holland Valley is the southwest section of Hope County, home to Fall’s End and run by John Seed, Joseph’s sadistic brother.

There are a total of 52 missions in Holland Valley including story and side missions and prepper stashes. There are seven cult outposts to be liberated and 14 pieces of cult property to be destroyed.

Holland Valley is where you’ll unlock Boomer, Nick Rye and Grace Armstrong.

Boomer is a very good boy and the best Fang For Hire in the game. Nick Rye provides air support from his plane and Grace is a sniper.

So, in Far Cry 5 how many missions are there?

Including all missions in each region, plus the final confrontation against Joseph Seed, there are 137.

Each mission will reward you with cash and resistance points, provided you haven’t already maxed them out in that region.

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