Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s first season pass character lands in April

Square Enix has revealed the first new character coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as part of the Season Pass. At the end of April, in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Vayne will be joining the fight. 

The villain of Final Fantasy XII, Vayne will add all new combat mechanics and a brand new way to play.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Vayne

Vayne’s combat style focuses on high powered combos that overwhelm his opponents. Vayne is also able to support his Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comrades through the use of his EX Skill Writ of Conquest.

 In the name of House Solidor, Vayne will stop at nothing to overcome the odds and destroy all enemies in his path.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available for PS4 and the Season Pass can be purchased from the PlayStation Store.

The Season Pass grants access to six additional characters, two weapons and costumes for each new character and a mini-digital soundtrack.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launched with 28 characters from across the Final Fantasy titles.

Final Fantasy Game Characters
Final Fantasy Warrior of Light Garlanda  
Final Fantasy II Firion The Emperora  
Final Fantasy III Onion Knight Cloud of Darknessa  
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Harvey Kain Highwinda Golbeza
Final Fantasy V Bartz Klauser Exdeatha  
Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford Kefka Palazzoa  
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Sephiroth  
Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leonhart Ultimecia  
Final Fantasy IX Zidane Tribal Kujaa  
Final Fantasy X Tidus Jechta  
Final Fantasy XI Shantotto    
Final Fantasy XII Vaan Vayne Solidorab  
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning    
Final Fantasy XIV Y’shtola Rhul    
Final Fantasy XV Noctis Lucis Caeluma    
Final Fantasy Tactics Ramza Beoulvea    
Final Fantasy Type-0 Acea    

There are five additional DLC characters coming, however Square Enix has not revealed who they will be as yet.

As soon as we find out we’ll let you know.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now for PS4.

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