World of Tanks Guinness World Record attempt happening at Arnold Pro Strongman Australia

Wargaming and World of Tanks have announced today that they are sponsoring a world record strongman attempt. The World of Tanks Guinness World Record will take place at the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia in Melbourne.

The Guinness World Record attempt will be for the fastest time for someone to pull a tank 10-metres.

World of Tanks Guinness World Record attempt

The World of Tanks Guinness World Record attempt marks the upcoming release of version 1.0 of the game. The biggest update since World of Tanks launched seven years ago, version 1.0 is a completely remastered edition of the game.

In celebration of this momentous occasion for World of Tanks, 13 strongmen from across the world will attempt to pull an eight tonne FV102 Striker tank over 10 metres. All 13 strongmen will go head-to-head with the fastest taking the world record.

The World of Tanks Guinness World Record attempt will be the fourth of six events to be held as part of the professional strongman competition.

Give me your clothes, your boots and your tank

World of Tanks‘ Regional Publishing Director said of the event, “We wanted our 160 million players and new fans to get hyped up about this massive game update. Nothing is bigger than going for a tank pull GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title!

“We’re calling on all Australians and New Zealanders to get behind the strongman attempting the world record and witness the true power of man versus tank.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s business partner and 2018 Arnold Sports Festival organiser Tony Doherty called the Tank pull event “one to watch.”

“We have had truck pull events in the past, but this is the first ever tank pull event.

“Our professional strongman competitors are now gunning not only for the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia title, but they also want the tank pull GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title.”

Fans can watch a livestream of the World Record Attempt  and and World of Tanks PC Asia Facebook page

Who is your Strongman and what does he do?

The World of Tanks Guinness World Record attempt will occur at 12pm AEDT, March 17, 2018.

To purchase tickets to the event head to the website –

The strongman in the images on this post is Eddie Williams, an Australian strongman competitor.

If you’re keen to see some incredibly muscular and strong men attempt to pull a tank 10-metres as fast as possible, make sure you come down to the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia.

World of Tanks on PC will be updated to version 1.0 soon.

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