Semblence is coming to the Switch courtesy of Good Shepherd Entertainment

Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced that it will release Semblance on Switch. The publisher is working with South African developer Nyamakop to release Semblance on Switch in addition to PC.

Semblence is a puzzle-platformer that stars a soft, bouncy protagonist. The soft, bouncy world of the soft, bouncy star of Semblance has been invaded by hard, non-pliable material.

Semblance on Switch

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Nyamakop describe Semblance as a minimalist, artistic platformer with an atmospheric sound design.

Squish, squash, mold and deform yourself and the environment to solve challenging puzzles, squeeze through tight spots and restore your delicate world back to life!

Semblance was announced for in 2017 but the release of Semblance on Switch is a new development. Good Shepherd Entertainment’s involvement will see Semblance released on the eShop.

There’s no word on a physical release.

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