Metal Gear Survive Guide – How to capture animals

You’re able to capture animals in Metal Gear Survive and add them to your Base Camp. This is incredibly helpful as it provides a source of food and materials without you having to leave and enter the Dite wasteland.

However, to capture animals in Metal Gear Survive, you’re going to need three things. The Wormhole Transporter, a building to house them and to know how to capture them.

Metal Gear Survive is overflowing with information and tutorials, unfortunately, it never explains how you’re supposed to capture animals rather than kill them.

How to capture animals in Metal Gear Survive

To capture animals in Metal Gear Survive you may think you need only sneak up on them.

But you couldn’t be more wrong.

For some reason, you simply can’t sneak up on any animals in Metal Gear Survive. As soon as you get close, they know you’re there, stand up and run away.

You also can’t just kill the animals, because then you can’t send them back to your base to become livestock.

So how on earth do you capture animals in Metal Gear Survive? You’ve got to punch and kick them.

Yep, that’s right. To capture animals in Metal Gear Survive you need to run up to them and punch the crap out of them. Take a look.

In the video above, you can see as I try to knock a Zebra down. Because I don’t have enough momentum, my puny kicks aren’t doing anything.

What you need to do is click the sprint button and then press R2 (without pressing L2 to ready your weapon) and you’ll launch into a massive punch or kick which will knock any animal down.

Once the animal is on the ground, quickly run over to it and hold down X. You’ll use the Wormhole Transporter and the animal will be transported to your Base Camp.

You need to have the right enclosure for the animal built at your Base Camp, otherwise, you’ll simply earn additional materials.

In this second video below, you can see how when you kill an animal, you don’t have the option to send it back to base.

Once you’ve managed to capture animals in Metal Gear Survive, you’ll have an everlasting supply of food, materials, milk and more.


Metal Gear Survive is available now.

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