League of Geek’s Armello is coming to iOS

Melbourne indie developer League of Geeks has announced Armello iOS is coming this month.

Armello is a digital board game that pits animal heroes against each other in their quest to become the next King. Each of the animal clans has various abilities, strengths and weaknesses and different combat styles which help to take the throne.

Armello iOS

Players will need to use political cunning, magic, weapons and more to try and outwit and outsmart the competition. Armello iOS is completely free to play and better still League of Geeks hasn’t included any energy timing systems or paywalls.

Instead, League of Geeks is offering a generous package for Armello fans in the iOS version.

The base game comes with the original four playable characters who debuted in the Steam Early Access release.

Twelve more heroes, cosmetic items, and other content found in the PC and console versions.

The heroes and their DLC packs, will be offered both as permanent in-app purchases and timed subscriptions that unlock all content.

Armello iOS has been redesigned to work flawlessly with smaller, touch screens and has been changed to ensure a smooth gameplay experience. League of Geeks’ Trent Kusters is proud of Armello and Armello iOS is an extension of this pride.

Tens of thousands of players are still playing Armello more than three years after its initial launch, and soon this passionate community will now be able to take Armello with them on the go.

It’s a perfect way to share the experience and introduce an entirely new group of fans to the magical world of Armello.

Armello is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s coming to iOS on March 15, 2018.

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