Hollow Guide – How to solve the Hospital Code

Hollow is now available on Nintendo Switch. It’s creepy and scary, but one particular section is intense for another reason. A puzzle which I call the Hollow Hospital Code had me stumped for quite some time.

So that you might not get as stuck, for as long as I did, let’s walk through it. If you just want to know what the code is without understanding the puzzle, skip to the bottom of the page.

Hollow Hospital Code

After the first time, you encounter the giant monsters, acquire the Ripper and the elevator card in the nightmare dimension, you’ll find yourself in the hospital.

This charming fellow above is there to greet you.

As you make your way through the hospital, you’ll notice a couple more dead people and a conspicuous, handwritten sign. The sign lists the hospital’s priorities, shows the image of two intersections triangles and the number 9 preceded by four dashed.

This is the beginning of the Hollow Hospital Code puzzle.

The three ‘most important things’ in the hospital, in order, are;

  1. Work
  2. Sleep
  3. Rest

How on earth (or Saturn) do these relate to the Hollow Hospital Code? How do they relate to the triangles and how do they relate to the number 9?

Don’t worry, it all comes together.

To the left of the screen with the message you’ll find a dead man sitting at a computer. You can interact with the computer and you’ll be shown surveillance footage of a room just ahead.

At first glance, the footage doesn’t appear to show anything of interest. However, if you watch closely you’ll see that it reveals three numbers. When you enter the room normally, the numbers aren’t visible. You can only see them by looking through the computer.

The position of the numbers is important. Each one is in a specific location for a specific reason.

Remember those two intersecting triangles?

Let’s get a closer look.

The triangle to the left has three spots at each corner, whereas the triangle to the right has stick figures. This diagram relates to the position of the numbers and the position of the three dead bodies in the first room of the hospital.

What about ‘Work, Sleep, Rest?’

That’s easy now. Simply walk around the room with the dead bodies and take note of where they are and what pose they’re in. For example, the dead body at the computer could be considered to be working and the dead body lying face down on the bed could be sleeping.

Aside from the whole dead thing.

You should now be starting to see a pattern and understand how the numbers, list and position of dead bodies relate to one another.

Hollow Hospital Code Solution

Once you understand that the three bodies and the three lights with numbers are roughly laid out in a triangle, it all clicks into place.

Simply match the number with the corresponding body and cross-check it against the list of hospital priorities and you’ll have your code. Don’t forget to add the 9 to the end to complete it.

If you’re still struggling, the answer is in the image below.

Just make sure you really want to give up before you check.

It’s much more rewarding to figure it out for yourself.

Trust me.

Hollow is now available for Nintendo Switch.

PowerUp! is playing Hollow on Switch, using a digital promotional copy provided by the developer.

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