[UPDATE] The Elder Scrolls Legends could be coming to Nintendo Switch

[UPDATE] – 17/02/2018 – 7:04AM AEDT

A member of Bethesda’s PR team contacted PowerUp! to advise that Ther Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch is not planned nor in development.

The email from the PR representative states;

I wanted to quickly clarify that this was a templating error on our end that incorrectly pulled language from a Skyrim Switch email. We’ve officially addressed the error to the community on the game’s official subreddit.

For the reply on the subreddit, head here.

Did anyone else get this email? from elderscrollslegends

Thanks to Bethesda for being so quick to clarify the error.

Sad news for Switch owners, but at least this one didn’t leave you in suspense for too long.

Bethesda may have just accidentally revealed that it’s planning to release The Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch.

In an email sent from Bethesda announcing a new Chaos Arena event for The Elder Scrolls Legends, the message preview begins, “Bethesda Games Announced for Nintendo Switch.”

This text is nowhere to be seen in the actual email itself, but it’s clearly included in the email as you can see in the images below.

The Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch?

The inclusion of the words “Bethesda Games Announced for Nintendo Switch” in an email doesn’t necessarily prove anything. The circumstances of the text are interesting though.

For starters, the text doesn’t appear in the email itself and the email came from The Elder Scrolls Legends and not Bethesda. If it was from Bethesda, I’d be more inclined to write it off as a clerical error.

Considering it came from The Elder Scrolls Legends, suggests that the Nintendo Switch is a platform for the game.

Bethesda developing The Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch could be a way for the game to branch out into a different market. Competitor and juggernaut HearthStone, is not coming to the Switch.

If The Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch was to come to fruition, Bethesda would have an entire platform and player base to itself. There does seem to be some demand for the port though whether The Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch would be a success is another question.

The Elder Scrolls Legends for Nintendo Switch would face the same issues as a port of HearthStone. There would be UI and control issues when using a controller and without an internet connection.

Playing in handheld mode would be the preferred method, but again, if you’re away from wifi you’ll be unable to play.

Since The Elder Scrolls Legends is available for smartphones, it makes more sense to just play on your phone rather than your Nintendo Switch.

All that being said, however, fans of collectable card games have been begging for a port of one for a while now. And CD Projekt Red certainly made the genre work on consoles with Gwent so it is definitely possible.

For now, this remains conjecture based on the words “Bethesda Games Announced for Nintendo Switch” being included in an email from The Elder Scrolls Legends.

We’ve reached out to Bethesda for comment and will update you once we’ve heard back.

The Elder Scrolls Legends most recent expansion — “The Forgotten Hero Collection” — was released last week.

The Elder Scrolls Legends is available for Android, iOS and PC.

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