Changes coming to Overwatch League in Stage 2 announced

Blizzard and the Overwatch League have announced some minor changes to Stage 2 of the competition. The Overwatch League Stage 2 changes relate to the scheduling of matches.

In order to prevent player and viewer fatigue the first of the Overwatch League Stage 2 changes places all Stage Finals on the Sunday 1pm PST (Monday 8am AEDT).

Other Overwatch League Stage 2 changes being implemented are as follows;

  • Weekday matches now all start at 4 p.m. PST (Tuesday to Saturday matches now all start at 11am AEDT / 1pm NZDT
  • Saturday matches now start at 1 p.m. PST (Sunday matches now start at 8am AEDT / 10am NZDT)

Overwatch League Stage 2 Changes

The changes are being made following feedback from the community.

The Overwatch League prides itself on listening to the community. And we know that having an iterative approach is vital in order to make the league experience as enjoyable as possible for players, teams, and fans

The winners of the Stage 1 finals were the London Spitfire who managed to defeat the New York Excelsior who were the top seed,

In Stage 1, the Shanghai Dragons were unfortunately unable to even win a single game. The organisation announced today that it was adding four new players to its roster, including Geguri; the world’s best Zarya.

Current Overwatch League Standings

The current League standings can be found below.

New York ExcelsiorATL109131-10-2+21
Houston OutlawsATL107330-13-0+17
London SpitfireATL107329-14-0+15
Los Angeles ValiantPAC107326-13-3+13
Seoul DynastyPAC107325-16-2+9
Boston UprisingATL106427-17-0+10
Philadelphia FusionATL106420-24-1-4
Los Angeles GladiatorsPAC104616-26-0-10
San Francisco ShockPAC103716-24-2-8
Dallas FuelPAC103714-25-311
Florida MayhemATL10199-31-1-22
Shanghai DragonsPAC100106-36-0-30

The Overwatch League will return on February 21 at 4pm PST (February 22 at 11am AEDT/1pm NZDT).

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