DONTNOD’s Vampyr webisode series explores life and death

Vampyr is French developer DONTNOD’s next title. An action-RPG set in 1918 London, Vampyr stars Jonathon Reid, a doctor turned vampire. As Reid comes to terms with his vampiric condition he finds himself torn between staying true to his Hippocratic Oath and his need and desire to feed on human blood.

The video above features exclusive footage of gameplay showing how the citizens of London in Vampyr are more than simple “blood bags.” DONTNOD has taken special care to create interesting, fleshed out and fully realised human beings. In order to proceed and increase his powers, Reid needs to gain XP.

Earning XP can be accomplished by defeating enemies or completing quests, but the fastest way to level up is to feed on the citizens around you. Players are encouraged to get to know the citizens of London, learn their stories and heal the sick as by doing so the XP rewarded is much greater. DONTNOD has, however, attempted to make the decision to kill a difficult one.

The more you learn about each citizen, the more you’ll hear as they die. Whenever he feeds, Reid hears the dying person’s final thoughts and each person he kills changes the district they belong to. If too many citizens from the same district are murdered the district enters disarray. Citizens may flee and allow the district to be overrun by monsters.

Vampyr will launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

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