More details come to light on rumoured Devil May Cry 5

Earlier this month, we reported on rumours that Devil May Cry 5 would be unveiled at PlayStation Experience 2018. Today, we have another leak and many more details on the rumoured Devil May Cry 5.

Posted on Resetera the leak is incredibly detailed and gives potential insight into the rumoured title. It claims that Hideaki Itsuno’s (Director of Devil May Cry 2, 3, 4 and Dragon’s Dogma) secret title for Capcom is Devil May Cry V.

Devil May Cry V will be released within the 2019 fiscal calendar. This places it somewhere between April 2018 and March 2019. It’s claimed that Devil Mary Cry V was originally going to be revealed at PlayStation Experience, but will now be announced at a later date.

The apparent reason for Devil May Cry V’s announcement being pushed back is due to feedback received on PlayStation’s E3 2017 press conference. Sony has apparently scaled back its PSX announcements and will adjust E3 2018 accordingly.

The rumour claims that Devil May Cry V has been in development for the past two years. It is also claimed that there is some form of PlayStation exclusivity in place. Sony is allegedly funding some of the development, but to what extent, the rumour doesn’t say. The Resetera post suggests it could be a timed exclusive, but there is potential for it to be console exclusive.

The development team consists of Itsuno and people who have worked on previous Devil May Cry titles and Dragon’s Dogma. Rueben Langdon, Johnny Young Bosch and Dan Southworth are all reprising their roles as Dante, Nero and Virgil respectively. The story will reportedly continue where Devil May Cry 4 finished and players will be able to control multiple characters.

Finally, the rumour suggests that Devil May Cry V will target 60fps as with previous titles. The level design will apparently be much more open, but it’s not an open-world title. Read the post for the full rundown of the rumour.

While the poster does not provide any evidence to their identity or where the information has come from, much of it seems legitimate. The information regarding the PlayStation Experience matches information already rumoured to be true and the level of detail in the post seems like a lot for it to simply be a trolling exercise.

Whatever the case, we’ll keep following Devil May Cry V and see what we can dig up.

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