EA Community Manager responds to Battlefront II fan concerns by calling them “arm chair developers”

In a now-deleted tweet, (archived here) EA Community Manager Mat Everett has slammed fans. Concerned about Star Wars: Battlefront II’s loot boxes and perceived pay-to-win design, fans have aggressively spoken out.

Responding to those concerns, Everett tweeted “The arm chair developers on this Internet.” Obviously, fans have not taken too kindly to the tweet with multiple Reddit threads dedicated to it and Everett.

Concerns about Battlefront II’s economy were expressed during the beta. Since then, with the EA Early Access release, the situation has deteriorated even further.

In a post on the Battlefront II Reddit, user TheHotterPotato has written how they’ve calculated it will take 40-hours of gameplay to unlock one hero. TheHotterPotato recorded how long matches last, how many credits were earned and then calculated it based on the price of items in-game.

To purchase a single Trooper Crate, players will need to play for 3-hours. Trooper Crates contain Star Cards which upgrade characters and classes. Without paying for Loot Boxes, players may be stuck with vanilla heroes for a very long time.

One Reddit user was especially upset due to their minimal available time to play.

At this stage, the Battlefront II loot box controversy has gone from bad to worse. It doesn’t look like improving anytime soon.

What do you think?

Star Wars: Battlefront II will be available on November 17.

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