In Pictures – PAX Aus Cosplay

Cosplayers at conventions are some of the most dedicated, passionate and friendliest humans you can come across. I can’t help being in awe of them and their costumes.

Hugely dedicated to their franchise favourites and often spending hours, days and weeks on their projects. They sculpt, sew, paint and build their costumes and props with stunning detail.

Cosplayers devote all this love, passion and time on a project only to then spend most of their convention day in character. They happily pose for photos, talk about their builds and chat about the fandom that inspires them.

Here is just a small collection of some of my personal favourites of the PAX Aus Cosplay from Friday evening and Saturday at PAX Australia 2017.

Out in full force and full makeup – PAX Aus Cosplay

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Steven Hayes
If I had to relate myself to any one person, it would be Jodie Highroller aka the Aquaberry Rapper aka Riff Raff..... If Riff Raff was a middle class, mid twenties Australian Bloke who drank VB like it was water.I love art, music and games. Although I am bad at all 3 of them =)

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