Paris Games Week 2017 – Quantic Dream and Sony unveil a new Detroit: Become Human trailer

At Paris Games Week 2017, Sony and Quantic Dream unveiled a brand new trailer for Detroit: Become Human.

In Detroit: Become Human, androids who develop emotions and self-awareness are dubbed Deviants. They’re considered to be malfunctioning and in need of repair. This new trailer appears to show the moment Kara becomes self-aware.

Rich with Quantic Dreams trademark cinematic style, the trailer shows Kara working for a man and his daughter in a run-down, working-class home. It becomes obvious that the father is abusive and that Kara has witnessed the abuse and even suffered it herself many times.

The trailer also shows how the scene can play out in multiple ways. Kara is able to make many different choices which affect the ultimate result of the scene.

We had hands-on time with Detroit: Become Human at PAX Aus. Look for our thoughts soon.

For now, enjoy the trailer. Detroit: Become Human is exclusive to PS4.

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