Home Events Destiny 2 is bringing puppies to PAX Aus

Destiny 2 is bringing puppies to PAX Aus

Destiny 2 is bringing puppies to PAX Aus

Remember in Destiny 2’s live-action trailer when the Guardians said they were doing it for the puppies? Well, Bungie and Activision meant it. At PAX Aus this weekend Destiny 2, in partnership with Australian Working Dog Rescue Int (AWDRI), is bringing puppies out for us to play with.

The event is to bring awareness to the non-profit whose goal is to “find new homes for working dog breeds to rescue them from being euthanased in council pounds and shelters.” A noble goal if there ever was one. During PAX Aus, volunteers will be on-hand with some adorable pups and be raising awareness of the AWDRI.

For a gold-coin donation, attendees of PAX Aus will be able to walk away with a special, limited-edition Destiny 2 dog biscuit. Among the pups in attendance will be Scarlett and Nimble. Scarlett is a Red Dog lookalike and Nimble is the AWDRI ambassador. Awww.

The AWDRI and the puppies will be in attendance at PAX Aus this weekend