Gran Turismo Sport Guide – What do the different currencies do?

Gran Turismo Sport has a couple of different currencies to earn and spend. It can get a bit confusing just what you need to buy certain things, so we’ve put together this quick and handy guide.

There are three main forms of currency in Gran Turismo Sport; Credits, Mileage Points and Distance Driven.

What do the different currencies do?

Credits work the same way they always have. They allow you to buy cars from dealers and increase your garage. Simple right.

Mileage is a little different. The Mileage Points are what you trade in for special items. special cars, decals, paint colours, wheels and more. You can also spend your Mileage Points on upgrading and changing your car’s settings. If you want to change the Ride Height, for example, you’ll need to spend Mileage Points.

Finally, Distance Driven is a measurement of how far you’ve driven overall, but it also helps to unlock Credits, XP and Mileage Points. There are a tonne of achievements in Gran Turismo Sport, not trophies, that when unlocked give you extra credits, Mileage Points and XP. A lot of these require you to travel a certain distance. The further you drive, the more you earn.

Gran Turismo Sport is exclusive to PS4. You can read our review here.

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