Sneak Peek at Hollow footage running on Nintendo Switch

Forever Entertainment, a Polish developer that created horror FPS Hollow has revealed footage of the game on Switch.

Hollow was announced for Switch in August this year, but since then no new information has been released. Now a tweet from Forever Entertainment has expressed its amazement at Switch’s ability to run Hollow with High Spec PC settings.

Hollow is built using Unreal Engine 4 and as you can see from the video, the Switch is more than capable of running the game. The framerate looks a little janky, but for an in-development game, it looks amazing.

Being able to play an FPS that looks that good while on the go is really a testament to the power of the Switch. Forever Entertainment has also announced that it is targeting 1080p for Hollow on Switch when docked and 720p when undocked.

Hollow is coming to Switch Q1 2018.

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Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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