Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ loot boxes are only purchasable with in-game currency

There’s been some controversy lately surrounding loot boxes. Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the latest game confirmed to use the loot box mechanic. A video (below) was posted from a preview of AC: Origins and some fans have become concerned.

A post on NeoGAF expressed concerns that the loot boxes will be purchasable with real-world currency. Something that players have grown more and more resistant to. Eurogamer previewed Assassin’s Creed: Origins recently and also spotted the loot boxes.

The boxes, called Heka Chest (heka means magic in Ancient Egyptian) are only purchasable with in-game currency. Each costs 3,000 Drachma and “Contains one random weapon or shield. Opens automatically on purchase.”

Heda the magic box man

Game Director Ashraf Ismail spoke with Eurogamer about the Heka Chests. He explained that the merchant who sells the Heka Chests also sells Carbon Crystals. These crystals are the rarest items required for crafting. You can find the items in the game, but if you have the Drachma you can buy them.

The same goes for the Heka Chests says Ismail. “Heda also sells a mystery box which can contain any weapon, piece of gear or item in the game. It’s a way for people who hoard lots of money, if you min-max the economy system, to gamble the money and get really unique stuff.

“The reason we did that was because we saw, even two years ago, people playing the game in different ways. There are people who like to go into a military location, infiltrate them, steal the loot and equipment and hopefully find some unique or legendary gear.”

Ismail said that while some players used the method above, others would focus their efforts on building the in-game economy. The development team saw that as a valid way of playing so built-in the option of purchasing items if you’re so inclined.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 27.

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