Golf Story Guide – How to find and return the Idol

Golf Story is a great little indie game made in Australia. It’s very much like 16-bit RPGs of old except that instead of fighting you play golf.

It’s funny and endearing and the golf isn’t bad either. Just like 16-bit RPGs, Golf Story has a tendency to leave the player a bit lost. Well, I certainly was a few times. So that you don’t end up like me, I’ve put together this guide.

Early on in Golf Story, Lucky asks you to travel to rival golf course Lurker Valley and so some snooping.

Eager to prove yourself you oblige. Unfortunately, when you arrive the Lurker Valley staff have shut the course down.

Somebody has stolen their Idol and nobody gets to play until it’s returned.

Find the Idol

I was totally ready to pull my hair out with this quest. I had travelled to Lurker Valley, found all the turtles, won the peewee golf tournament against Lara and completed every other quest I could find, bar one.

I couldn’t do the quest with the archaeologist because I needed a shovel.

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one. At one point I got really excited when I went inside the Greenskeeper’s and saw a shovel hanging on the wall.

But nope, I couldn’t pick it up and neither can you.

After looking everywhere I finally looked in my gear and found that I had purchased something that could help. Follow this guide to find the Idol and complete the archaeologist quest.

Go to the Pro Shop

When you gain access to the Pro Shop at Wellworn Grove you’ll be able to purchase new equipment.

Don’t worry about the money. You will have earned plenty from doing quests and there’s nothing to spend it on.

You gain access to the Pro Shop when you decide to prove to the coach how good you are at golf.

After you enter the Pro Shop, make sure you buy the Digging Wedge clubs. Then speak to the person at the counter and play the 9 holes. Once finished go to the clubhouse and enter Lucky’s office.

Speak with the coach and after the conversation head to Lurker Valley, the new area.

Lurker Valley

Once you’re in Lurker Valley there are a few quests to complete. You’ll need to play peewee golf, find the turtles and find the Idol before you can play the course. The first two are easy, but finding the Idol can be pretty tricky.

On entering the course challenge Lara to the peewee course. Once you beat her the archaeologist will speak with you.

He will invite you to dig with him, but he won’t let you use his shovel. Go into your menu and select gear.

Then scroll down to your wedges. Press A to change your wedges and select the Digging Wedge you purchased

Speak to the archaeologist again and he’ll take you looking for treasure.

Dig up the treasure

After a short cutscene explaining how to search for treasure, you’ll have to complete a short mini-game. As you walk around digging up treasure you’ll earn money.

The very last treasure you unearth is the Idol.

Another short cutscene will play and you’ll be able to return the Idol to the Lurker Valley staff. Once you do, you’ll be able to play the course and continue the story.

It may be that I was just a bit slow, but I was honestly quite stuck at this point. I was lucky enough to look in my Gear and find the Digging Wedge.

Hopefully, this guide will save you some time and frustration.

Golf Story is available now on Switch.

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