Video – Check out the menu, options and Super Mario World on a SNES Mini

The SNES Mini is available and we managed to snag one before they all disappeared. Since we got our hands on one, we thought we would capture footage of our first play session.

You can see the footage above and it shows you the SNES Mini’s menus and a quick run through of Super Mario World‘s first level. The menus allow users to change the language, select a filter, choose a frame and factory reset the console. Nothing too exciting, though it is pretty neat that you can add a CRT filter for that classic look.


The SNES Mini comes with 21 built-in games, two SNES Mini controllers, a micro USB cable and an HDMI cable. The SNES Mini controllers are exact replicas of the originals except they use a proprietary Nintendo connection.

The SNES Mini is available for $119.95 AUD.

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Leo Stevenson
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