Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – How to win the Auction

Dishonored’s latest instalment — Death of the Outsider — is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Like Dishonored and Dishonored II, Death of the Outsider is a darkly humorous journey through a strange world.

Through the five chapters of Death of the Outsider, there are multiple paths to take, secrets to find and of course, people to kill; or knockout if you prefer. In this series of guides, we’ll show you how to unlock Trophies/Achievements, find secret areas and more.

How to win the Auction

In Chapter 3 you have the option of securing some Poppy Tincture (in lieu of Laudanum) in order to sedate the bank personnel. You have three options for obtaining the Poppy Tincture. The first is to buy it from the Black Market. The second is to steal it from the Black Market.

The third way is the most fun and it will also unlock a Trophy/Achievement.


You’ll need to attend and win an auction of the estate of a murdered pharmacist. If you win, you’ll also get additional items, cash and paintings. To win, you’ll need at least 380 coins and you’ll need to steal somebody’s face with Semblance. Billie Lurk’s face is far to infamous.

Steal a face

The first thing you’ll need to do to win the auction is head to Colibron Plaza; the same place Ivan Jacobi was to give his speech. There will be guards everywhere, so you’ll need to sneak in. You can either use Displace or Semblance, though be cautious with Semblance. If you don’t have enough Void Energy when the Auction is over you’ll blow your cover.

Once you have a stolen face, walk over to the empty chair in front of the auctioneer and take your place to start the bidding.

Keep on bidding

If you have enough coin, you’ll be able to keep bidding and win the auction at 380 coins. Every time you’re given the chance to bid, make sure you do and the Auction is yours. Once you’re declared the winner, watch the cutscene then walk over to your left and claim your prize.

After that, beat a hasty retreat from the guards and slip back into the shadows.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

PowerUp! was provided with a digital copy by Bethesda.

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