September Nintendo Direct – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was a big focus for Nintendo during the September Direct. The trailer/introduction to the world and characters was narrated by a Titan named Azurda.

The world of Alrest is one that exists in a never-ending ocean of clouds. All civilisation exists on the backs of the Titans that swim in the clouds. Azurda is an old and small Titan whose back is home to Xenoblade Chronicles protagonist Rex. Rex is a Driver who must be given power by a Blade in order to perform in combat.

Essentially, players control a team of up to three Drivers and three Blades in battle. The Blades provide different abilities, attacks and moves to the Drivers who use these to fight enemies. Different combinations of Blades and Drivers will yield different combat results so players will be encouraged to mix and match to find their preferred play style.

Drivers will be able to use Blade Resonance to awaken and unlock new Blades. By using special Core Crystals, Drivers will unlock new and random Blades with varying Rarity.

The story involves Rex and his Blade friend Pyra battling to save the world by finding the world of Elysium and the mythical Aegis. They will have to compete with the various nations of Alrest (including what seems like a nation of Aussies) to find Elysium and the Aegis first.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be available for Switch on December 1.

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