Destiny 2 – What is the recommended Power level for the Leviathan Raid and when will it be live?

Destiny 2 is almost a week old and that means that the first Raid will be live soon. When will the Levithan Raid go live and what Power level will you need? We’ve got you covered.

Luke Smith posted on Twitter to advise Guardians that they’ll need to be between 260-280 Power to participate in the Raid.

This puts the Raid a full 20 Power levels above the Nightfall from the outset. As end-game activity, expect the Leviathan Raid to not pull its punches. A Power level range of 260-280 means that the Raid will increase in difficulty as Guardians progress.

Expect the Raid boss to have a recommended Power level of 280. As with previous Raids, you should expect to earn equipment to help level up your Power throughout. We’d suggest you aim to be at least 270-275 Power before attempting the Raid just in case.

When does the Leviathan Raid go live?

The Leviathan Raid will be live in Australia at 3am Thursday, September 14. This means we’ll get to have the weekly reset and get to complete both the new Flashpoint and Nightfall first. Hopefully, this will help some Guardians boost their Power level a bit before trying the Raid.

Once the Raid is live, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for it to be completed. The high-level Raid teams usually try to bust it out as quickly as possible. And there’s always glory to be had for the first team across the line.

Destiny 2‘s first Raid, Leviathan, will be live at 3am Thursday, September 14. Destiny 2is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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