Destiny Item Manager is compatible with Destiny 2

One of the best community driven tools for Destiny is ‘Destiny Item Manager.’ Created by a team of Destiny enthusiasts and supported by sponsors and dozens of backers, the ‘Destiny Item Manager’ (DIM) lets players curate their weapons, armour and items on the fly.

DIM uses Bungie’s own Destiny app authentication to grant access to your Guardians’ load-outs and Vault. This is super handy for when you’re trying to switch items between characters and don’t want to take the time to switch in-game. DIM allows you to build load-outs, maximise Light (in D1) and even split and share consumables.

DIM also has up to date information for all of the Vendors is Destiny, your record books and the current Nightfall and heroic Strike playlists.

Now that Destiny 2 has been released, you’ll be pleased to know that DIM is compatible. Because of the differences between Destiny and Destiny 2, the DIM for the latter only gives access to weapons, armour and items at this stage.

To access Destiny 2 in DIM, follow these steps;

  • Click the button to Authorise your account and choose your platform

  • Once you’re logged in, click in the top right corner to choose Destiny 2

  • After DIM finished loading, you’ll have access to your characters’ weapons, armour, items and Vault

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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