Home Guide Destiny 2 Guide – Which Classes and Subclasses can you access from the beginning?

Destiny 2 Guide – Which Classes and Subclasses can you access from the beginning?

Destiny 2 Guide – Which Classes and Subclasses can you access from the beginning?

When you start Destiny 2, whether you have existing Guardians, or are starting fresh, you’ll have three Classes and Subclasses to choose from.

For the first mission, you’re locked into one Subclass, but you’ll soon gain access to a new one. Let’s take a look at each Class and Subclass that you have access to early on.


Destiny 2’s space magic wielding Class. Warlocks will default to the classic Voidwalker in the beginning and will have the entire Subclass unlocked. During Homecoming, it’s a good idea to switch up the loadout of the Subclass to find a customisation that suits you.

The Voidwalker has been changed slightly from its original version. It now has access to both the Healing Rift and Empowering Rift and an updated Nova Bomb.

After Homecoming, Warlocks will unlock the Dawnblade Subclass. This is the Warlock’s new Solar Subclass and was featured in the beta. Dawnblade’s Super is Daybreak and gives them a flaming sword that shoots blasts of fire.

The Dawnblade Subclass is not fully levelled when it’s unlocked, so Guardians will need to level it up.


Destiny’s heavy hitters are the Titans. Choosing Titan will default to the Striker Subclass. The Striker has also been given a change in Destiny 2. Now, Strikers can drop two different barriers; one chest high and one head height.

Guardians can crouch behind the Rally Barricade (chest high) and use it as cover. The Towering Barricade can be used to reinforce a position and help to hold it from the enemy. The Striker Super is still Fists of Havoc, aka Titan Slam.

After Homecoming, Titans will unlock the Sentinel, which is Destiny 2’s Captain America. Sentinels are able to drop the same shields as the Striker, but the Super is the Sentinel Shield which can be used offensively and defensively.

Like the Dawnblade, the Sentinel will start out without any unlocks.


The third and final Class is Destiny’s Hunter. Hunters will have access to a fully worked Gunslinger Class in the beginning. The Gunslinger has been reworked as with the other Classes. They can now Dodge roll, like Overwatch’s McCree, to avoid damage and reload their weapon.

The Golden Gun Super has also been reworked, allowing Gunslingers to fan the hammer.

After the Homecoming mission, Hunters will unlock the new Arcstrider Class. Arcstrider functions as a replacement for Bladedancer and is similar in action. The Arcstrider Super is the Arc Staff. Like the Bladedancer’s Super, the Arc Staff is a quick and deadly weapon used to take out groups of Guardians in succession.

The Arcstrider is also not levelled when it’s unlocked.

We know that players will also be able to access the three Subclasses introduced in “The Taken King.” However, it seems as though you’ll need to play through the game before you can unlock them.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.