Everybody’s Golf Guide – How to do a Homing Shot

For the most part, Everybody’s Golf is pretty straightforward in its arcade representation of golf. But, as you level up your golf skill, you’ll gain access to some nifty and tricky shots.

Super Backspin

The first of which is the Homing Shot. When you reach Level 2, you’ll gain access to this shot. To successfully do one you’ll need to activate Super Backspin. Super Backspin is activated by pressing up on the D-Pad when setting the power and down on the D-Pad when setting the impact.

If you get a Perfect Impact, you’ll activate Super Backspin. You’ll know you’ve done it right when your ball glows and spins backwards after landing. That’s part one.

Homing Shot

To actually get the Homing Shot to go off, you need to hit the pin after successfully activated Super Backspin. Either you need to have the ball roll back to the hole or you need to hit the pin on the full.

Either way you do it, you’ll activate a Homing Shot. Several successive Homing Shots can go off after another, so long as it touches the pin and doesn’t go in. They’re tricky to pull off but great for times when you’re chipping-in.

Everybody’s Golf is available now on PS4.

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