World of Tanks update 9.20 introduces 30v30 battles, Chinese destroyers

Wargaming has announced today that update 9.20 is available for World of Tanks.

The major feature introduced in update 9.20 is massive 30v30 battles. Alongside the Grand Battles, Wargaming has also included a full branch of Chinese destroyers and important changes to several dozen existing tanks. Players have been craving larger scale battles for some time, according to Wargaming, so the Grand Battles are delivering it.

Grand Battles will take place on the brand new Nebelburg map which measures a whopping 1.4km by 1.4km. Only Tier X tanks are permitted to take part in Grand Battles which means rewards will be increased. Grand Battles are also where players will earn the new in-game currency; Bonds.

Bonds can be spent on Directives and new and improved equipment.

The second season of beta ranked battles will commence in September, after the release of update 9.20. Wargaming is promising a smoother, faster and more streamlined ranked experience in season two.

As for the complement of Chinese vehicles. Nine new tanks have been added which feature high camouflage values and long range views for taking out targets at a distance.

World of Tanks is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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