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Review – Matterfall

Review – Matterfall

I was pretty hyped for a new title from Housemarque. I have really enjoyed previous titles, from classics like Super Star Dust and The Reap to the more recent Dead Nation and Outland. I’ve always enjoyed grinding those high scores and working my way up the leader boards. Matterfall is the newest addition to the ranks of side scrolling mayhem.

Matterfall is a Metroidvania/Mega Man style side scrolling platform shooter. That was a mouth full and a half huh? At its core, the gameplay is simple in terms of mechanics. You run, jump and shoot alien robots. In typical Housemarque fashion things, don’t remain simple for very long. The difficulty ramps up pretty quick and sets the pace early.

Pew! Pew! Pew pew pew!

The first two levels ease you into the gameplay and expose you to the mechanics. The rest of the game tests both your platforming abilities and reaction times. You will find hordes of enemies flooding the screen. Platforms will move or remain only temporarily solid ground. It really can be chaotic.

Once you get some upgrades and understand your abilities you can start increasing those scores. It’s got some fun and testing boss fights at the end of each world as well.

There’s not a lot of narrative, but it’s not something that’s really required. The premise of the game is a futuristic sci-fi, gotta save the world gig. A bunch of “intelligent” people decided to make the foundations of their society on an alien tech. Of course, things go wrong and the red matter starts spreading, messing everything up. It’s up to you to gear up the mercenary with blue matter tech and get the job done.

Shoot Many Robots

The style gave the developer some freedom on design. It really comes out in the enemy types and level design. The enemies have visual cues as to potential movement or attacks. I found the game rather pretty and vibrant in design. Even the bosses and some of the stronger enemies promote more of a strategic approach.

I had a lot of fun playing Matterfall. The gameplay is enjoyable and the levels are challenging. Unfortunately, the replay ability is really only for the hardcore gamers. The later levels get too hard and long for me to want to bother with the high scores.  Maybe you will get those tops scores, who knows. You won’t know until you try.

Matterfall was reviewed on PS4 with a digital code provided to PowerUp! by Sony.

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Game Title: Matterfall

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