Dungeons & Dragons’ Stream of Annihilation begins tomorrow

The Stream of Annihilation is about to begin.

Dungeons & Dragons has seen a resurgence in recent years. Thanks in part to Twitch and streaming, D&D has seen an uptick in viewership and player numbers. This digital D&D renaissance has been driven, in part, by player troupes streaming their campaigns and podcasting.

To celebrate, Wizards of the Coast has organised an enormous, two-day stream event this weekend; the Stream of Annihilation. Taking place in Seattle, the stream kicks off at 10am June 2, 2017 PT. In Australia that’s 3am, Saturday June 3, 2017. You can watch on Twitch or below.

The Stream of Annihilation is featuring some of the best D&D talent from across America and the world; Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team,  Misscliks, Maze Arcana, Critical Role, and Dice, Camera, Action! with Chris Perkins, Yogscast’s HighRollers (U.K.) and Dragon Friends (Australia).

Alongside the performers, hosts Anna Prosser Robinson and Kelly Link will be chatting with the performers and Wizards of the Coast. Robinson and Link will interview the troupes and get details on what they expect when they preview D&D’s new storylines.


Finally, the Stream of Annihilation will include a whole host of news and information about the future of D&D;

Throughout the Stream of Annihilation, we’ll drop details on our expanded D&D Twitch programming, new accessories fans have been clamoring for coming later this year, and amazing board games and products from our partners. You’ll hear from Cryptic Studios about plans for Neverwinter, Curse Media for D&D Beyond, as well as WizKids, Gale Force 9, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, and more. Plus, like any Dungeon Master worth their salt, we have a few exciting surprises to pull from our bags of holding!

We’ll be bringing you a comprehensive wrap up of the stream and all the news next week.

As part of the celebrations we’ve spoken with Dave ‘Dungeon Dave’ Harmon of Dragon Friends, have the entire stream schedule and have an amazing prize pack to giveaway.

Tune into the Stream of Annihilation tomorrow from 3am.

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