Destiny 2 – What are the blank symbols on the Director for?

With Bungie’s reveal of Destiny 2, fans have been working feverishly to try and decipher and decode any meaning possible.

Destiny 2’s Director revealed the in-game locations; Earth, Titan Nessus and IO. However, there are four symbols on the Director which are not filled and and which allude to more content/locations.

Vanguard and Crucible Playlists

According to Reddit user triggerxxi, these blank spaces will be for Crucible and Vanguard playlists, the Tower and the Cabal machine mining Sol. Triggerxxi’s reasoning and detective work is sound.

The two spots in question on the top left side are [C]rucible and [V]anguard playlists. Compare the hexagonal beehive shape at the very top to the launcher in the demo build at the Destiny 2 reveal event. This is shown in a few videos online when launching the strike in the test build.

As for the Crucible Playlist, you can compare the current Destiny Director to see the similarities.

The Tower

The Vanguard and Crucible Playlists are the easy ones to decipher. The remaining two spaces are far more contentious. Triggerxxi claims that the central symbol will be used for the Tower.

My guess is that the lower one in the space that the tower currently occupies in the Destiny director… is the Tower. Fighting in the Tower is a confirmed mission and while you may be able to select it from Earth like you could select Phobos from Mars, I like the idea of the tower staying in the spot it has for 3 years.

This makes a lot of sense and frankly, I’d be surprised if Bungie were to move the Tower. If you look close at the symbol, you’ll notice some patterns on it. I compared this two the Cabal ‘Light Switch’ device and it’s too close a match to dismiss.

The Sun Drill

Finally, the space below the sun could either be Mercury, or as triggerxxi suggests, the Cabal’s solar mining drill.

I think its more likely to be the sun drilling/stealing device form the reveal. We will definitely go there and kill Cabal so I dont think it will be a PVP map.

Another Redditor suggests that the symbol just above the word earth, with the Red Legion’s symbol, will be a place to launch the opening cut-scene. Much like we’re able to do in Destiny for “The Take King” and “Rise of Iron.”

Obviously all of this is mere speculation, but when you look at the evidence it makes a lot of sense. There will definitely be the ability to launch both Vanguard and Crucible Playlists from the Director. That’s a given.

The likelihood that the Tower will remain where it has for the past three years is also quite strong. It may be that it’s used for only a handful of missions, or it may once again become a social space in some form or another.

The biggest mystery is the top most symbol. Will it be Mercury? Will it be the Cabal Drill? Both or something else altogether?

What do you think?

Destiny 2 will be available on September 8, 2017.

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