New Trailer reveals Swamp Thing in action for Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios has unveiled that the latest fighter to join comic book brawler Injustice 2 is the hulking nature protector Swamp Thing.

Appearing in DC comics since 1971, Swamp Thing is a big green guy who fights to protect his swamp. Unlike Shrek however, Swamp Thing is a plant elemental who can inhabit and animate plant matter to get the job done.

It looks like ‘getting the job done’ is definitely what he intends to do in Injustice 2. While few details have been revealed as yet, the gameplay trailer shows Swamp Thing to be a long-range grappler, using a variety of grabs that can reach across the screen as well as in the air.

Ol’ Swampy is also shown using a sweep projectile, sprouting branches as an anti-air attack, and summoning copies of himself much like Noob-Saibot’s ability from Mortal Kombat 9.

The trailer wraps up showing Swamp Thing’s super move, which involves dragging the opponent underground and beating them senseless with giant fists made of plant matter. Stay out of my swamp indeed.

For more details keep a close eye on NetherRealm Studio’s Watchtower stream for a possible character breakdown in the future.

Trailer courtesy of IGN.

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