Bank of Melbourne gives 10% cash back on online gaming purchases

How on Earth did we miss this?

Bank of Melbourne has been, and is currently, running a promotion until March 31, 2017 whereby it will give account holders 10% cash back on online gaming purchases.


The promotion has been running since October 1, 2016 and is available to Complete Freedom and Complete Freedom Student Visa Debit card holders. Any online gaming purchases made through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, Steam, Battle.Net, EA Origin or Riot Games will be reimbursed by 10%.

A maximum of $200 cash back per month can be reimbursed and you’ll need to be over the age of 18 to apply for an account and card or take advantage of the service if you’re an existing customer. Full details of the promotion are available here.


There are still two months left of the promotion to run, so if you’re a Bank of Melbourne customer or have been considering a switch, maybe now’s the time. Especially with February and March’s line-up of games.

With the potential to save yourself up to $400 across February and March (if you spent $2000 per month) as a maximum or at least $9.95 if you only buy a single full priced game, this deal is pretty incredible.

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