The Division’s second expansion “Survival” comes to PC and Xbox One

Last night, Ubisoft released The Division’s second expansion; “Survival.”

Coming to PS4 next month, “Survival” is set during a snowstorm as Division agents learn of a downed chopper in the Dark Zone. The chopper was carrying much needed anti-virals that may aid in the fight against the pandemic.

The make it to the chopper, players will need to manage ” cold, disease, hunger and thirst.”

Finding warm clothes, crafting supplies, scavenging for food, water, and medicine are key for agents to make their way to the antidote. But with 23 other players struggling to survive and to find the cure, resources are scarce.

A brand new enemy — the Hunter — will also be stalking Agents in The Dark Zone and is recognisable by the watches of fallen Agents he wears.

The Division is available now.”Suvival” will be available for PS4 on December 20.


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