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Ubisoft adds “Survival” to The Division

Ubisoft adds “Survival” to The Division

Ubisoft is adding expansion number two to The Division and it’s called “Survival.”

The new expansion will feature a 24-player mode that pits players against the elements, hunger and other Agents. Players will be able to select from PvP or PvE which will radically change the way they play. PvP will turn the entirety of New York into a battleground, albeit without Rogue Mechanics. It means players can co-operate or fight against other Agents even outside the Dark Zone. In PvE, players will be able to co-operate, but PvP will be disabled, even within the Dark Zone.

The “Survival” expansion follows the crashing of a helicopter and clues that lead towards a potential cure for the pandemic. It also adds a dangerous new enemy named the Hunter.

A public test server is now open on PC and will remain open until November 13.

The Division is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.