EA wants to build Titanfall’s player base with free DLC

EA has revealed that in providing Titanfall 2’s DLC free to all players, it’s hoping to build a player base and ensure the franchise is long lasting.

During the Q3 Earnings Call, CEO Andrew Wilson explained that the feedback from players and fans following the announcement of free DLC had been excellent.

If you go and look at the player conversations in the marketplace right now on Titanfall 2, it’s very very strong. Respawn, who are an amazing studio who built some of the greatest games over the last decade, have a real commitment, as do we, the company, and are looking to support, and drive and grow and nurture that community over a number of years.

It’s also expected that Respawn and EA will continue to support Titanfall 2 into the future with Wilson explaining that EA and Respawn will work together on the “cadence” of the next Titanfall when the time is right.


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