Wargaming deploys its World of Warships VR experience

Wargaming has released a special VR experience for fans of World of Warships today. Compatible with any VR device, Wargaming is providing a tour of the historical HMS Belfast.

The video above is designed to be viewed through a VR headset and viewing it without one won’t really give any results. For those on mobile, you can head to Littlestar.

HMS Belfast is a famed vessel that inspired us to create an unprecedented VR experience that deepens the historical connection to the World of Warships in-game experience. We just couldn’t pass up such deep access to this noteworthy ship. Visiting her in London allowed us develop groundbreaking content for our viewers, inviting them to jump into a mixed reality VR experience on the real ship, and then get hands-on experience with her in-game.

The VR experience was created through a joint effort between Wargaming and the Imperial War Musuem.

World of Warships is available now.


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