StarCraft II welcomes Nova and D.Va

Blizzard has announced that Terran Commander Nova is joining StarCraft II in co-op.

Available now, Nova is a brand new co-op Commander and uses burst damage and gadgetry to get an edge on her enemies. Boasting several loadouts, Nova can switch on the fly between weapons and gadgets like her Tactical Stealth Suit, Hellfire Shotgun and Phase Reactor Suit.

Nova has a max army limit of 100, but doesn’t need Supply Depots and she has the ability to call units into battle instantly, without having to train them. StarCraft II players can purchase Nova for $6.95 AUD from the store.

We previously reported that Overwatch’s D.Va was joining StarCraft II as an announcer and Blizzrad has revealed that she will be available following update 3.7. The patch also includes new content, balancing and more. Check the patch notes for full details.


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