Heroes of the Storm welcomes Heroes Brawl, Samuro and Freddie Wong

Heroes of the Storm’s newest mode, Heroes Brawl, is now live. A brand new way to play, Heroes Brawl puts players into unique maps with custom rulesets that completely changes the game.

This week’s brawl is set in the Punisher Arena and sees Heroes versus Punishers in a battle for victory over two rounds. Full details of the map are available from Blizzard.

As part of Heroes Brawl’s launch, YouTube channel RocketJump has put together a special video which you can watch above. The video follows Freddie Wong after he accidentally gets sucked into the Nexus and has to fight Tracer, Sylvanas Windrunner and other Blizzard characters.

Also now available in Heroes of the Storm is new hero Samuro. Samuro is a deadly assassin and will definitely be a valuable asset on your front line.

Heroes of the Storm is available on PC.


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