The Burning Blade’s Samuro is out for vengeance in the Nexus

brawlsamuro_056Samuro is on a quest for vengeance in the Nexus and as the last blademaster to ever wear the banner of the Burning Blade, he is seeking redemption for his brethren.

Samuro is now available in Heroes of the Storm’s PTR (Public Test Realm) and will be joining the battle in full shortly. His abilities make him a force to be reckoned with as he makes use of;

  • Mirror Image – allows him to create two images that deal 30% damage to enemies, and have 50% of his current health, for up to 18 seconds.
  • Critical Strike amplifies Samuro’s basic attack to become a critical hit on each foe in his path for 10 seconds, and dealing a massive 50% extra damage.
  • Wind Walk, allows him to enter stealth for up to eight seconds, where he receives a 25% increase in movement speed.

As seen in the trailer, Samuro’s supers also deal devastating damage to the enemy. When Bladestorm is activated, he becomes a whirlwind of death and Illusion Master lets Samuro switch places with one of his Mirror Images.

Heroes of the Storm is available now.


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