Suddeny Drunk booster packs launching at PAX Australia

suddenly-drunk1Suddenly Drunk
has announced on its Facebook Page that all-new booster packs will be launching at PAX Australia 2016.

Each booster pack will contain 15 random cards out of a total of 150. These can be added to your existing Suddenly Drunk decks to customise your playing experience.

Created by Beta Bar Owner Skaidris Gunsmith, Suddenly Drunk turns any turn-based card or board game into a drinking game. The official website describes Suddenly Drunk like so;

Integrating Suddenly Drunk with the game of your choice is simple: Before every turn, each player first pulls a card from the Suddenly Drunk deck and follows its instructions. The deck consists of Instant cards and Anytime cards. Instant cards may require players to speak with a foreign accent or dance whenever they get up from the table – and take a drink as a penalty whenever they fail to do so. Anytime cards are generally handy for self-defense; the Deflection card, for instance, lets players choose a new target for any action played against them.

Still not quite sure? Check out the original pitch video, which explains it further.

Suddenly Drunk will be in attendance at PAX Australis 2016 where you’ll be able to get your hands on the 15 card Booster Packs.

Suddenly Drunk is available from Breaking Games and Amazon. It is also in stock at Critical Hit in Melbourne.

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